Saturday, August 15, 2015

Love Energy

Right Now
In this moment I feel grateful to have the tiniest inkling of what I really am
Be still with me
Sit here and feel what I am
Don't try to create it, it is already
Release all gripping
There is nothing to hang on to anyway
Know this present energy
This wave or thread
This ripple of energy
This love is you
Let go and relax into that
This is who we are
Though we aren't even a who
We just are

The man sitting across from you exists in this same reality
He is energy...Love Energy
The body this energy resides with
Is eventually only dust
The real man over there isn't a man at all
There is no gender, no race, nor class
Just energy
This God that your religions talks about
Is this same Love Energy
The only difference is that it knows what
It is in every moment
Of which, there is only one