Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Is it a lake full of clouds or a sky full of water
Are we bodies with a soul or souls with bodies
Does life happen while we are awake during the day 
or dreaming at night
Is one person wrong and the other one right

Who are we really and why are we here
What is real and what is only perception
I see the clouds in the lake and the lake in the sky
Am I the only one having this misconception

So many questions running through my head
While I have been distracted by pain and lying in my bed

Meditating and pondering on what has been said
Thinking of the future and where I have been led

Going within...I get comfortable here
Slowly making connection to Source
It is undeniably there
I can find all the answers inside if I dare

To slow down and listen to my Inner Being
The wise, calming Presence
The life force that gently guides me
This is my Eternal Essence

But seldom do I hear it
When there's too much noise inside my head 
 Over the years that seems to be changing
I am allowing and opening instead

Just breathe, in and out
Get quiet and very still
Remember and feel the Divine
I can Be that if I will

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