Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Skies at Night

The milky Way
September skies
At night
Makes me think
Of times gone by
When first I laid eyes on them
Searching for something else
Ever since that moment
So small in the Universe
The millions of eyes in the
Night glow of the September
Night skies stare back at me
All knowing
Even in the daylight
When those skies are brilliant blue
They spy, those knowing skies
They spy and wonder who
Who am I to stare beyond my universe,
My world and wonder what
What it is I came here for
And what it is I should do
Maybe there is someone there
There beyond the clouds
staring back down at me
And wondering
Wondering how
How it is that they are there
There beyond my view
Viewing their world
Their universe
And never wondering who.

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