Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mystery...for my love

Mystery, he said to me, 
Is all I understand
All my life has been about living on this land
Beauty and integrity and Being who I am
Do you see what's real to me is only what I have?
I thought about his words to me
I think I understand
That mystery he sees in me isn't just my history
It's more a part of who I am 
And part of who I'll be
When we're together time stands still
Our hearts together beat
The mystery, he said to me, is all I understand
He slowly ambles 
Across the land
This place that he adores
Looking for and finding signs
Of life lived long ago
He sees the shards, the tracks, and sign
Of beast and Earth and man
He believes in honoring the simple things
Deep down all these are one
The ways of the world
Outside this place
He does not contemplate
He says if he can't change them
No time then, will he waste
But the first time he said to me
I've loved you
10,000 years or more
I smiled and said
I've loved you too
You've made all my dreams come true
He looked into my face just then
His eyes a magic blue
With gentleness and love so true
He took me by the hand
Mystery, he said to me
Is all I understand


Amanda Lynn said...

you guys are such an inspiration! loving each other for 20 plus years is a miracle these days! <3

Sunflower (Terri) said...

Thanks Mando!!