Friday, March 11, 2011

The Best Dog in the World

As you may have bestest beastie has been diagnosed with Pannus, an autoimmune disorder that some dogs get that can cause blindness. Even though people have assured me that blindness in dogs is not the end of the world and that as far as the senses go...sight is #3 for dogs, still and yet, I don't want it to happen if at all possible. We are giving him his prednisone drops to both eyes twice a day and there is an improvement already but I investigated the situation and it so happens that where we chose to live, love and play is probably the worst environment we could chose for this condition. Since we won't be moving any time soon and no...he is definitely not leaving us to go live somewhere else where the light might not be such a problem I invested in some Doggles. Today, we got to try them out. I must say that at first I thought I had just wasted $25 but I was persistent and he figured out I meant business and after several attempts at trying to take them off he submitted. I am only going to insist he wear them for our walks for now as most of the time he is outside on his own he naturally goes for the shade...even in winter with snow on the ground. If all goes well I might be able to get him to wear them more often but for now he thinks I am mean enough so I don't want to push it...
                          So, here is to our Bubba aka: Roly-Poly Catfish. We love you and want you to know that you look really cool in those shades!!!