Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something to consider

First of all it is not a mosque it is a cultural center. Second of all it is not at ground zero it is two blocks away. Thirdly, they already have a mosque 10 blocks away that no one seemed to worried about. Forth, is the fact that a McDonald's is closer to ground zero than the proposed Islamic Cultural center and if you think the golden arches is sacred then just stop reading...
You would think by these 4 things that I am in favor of the cultural center being built. On principal I am. We in NM have an Indian Cultural center in Albq that is rather nice and very interesting to visit if you are so inclined. It is rather spread out and I imagine if located in NYC would probably be 4 stories high. How did the Indians of NM build a cultural center? I do not know for sure but I imagine some of the funds came from Indian owned casinos and the sale of cheap cigarettes they sell to white that bad? No, as American as apple pie. So, where do the folks wanting to build a cultural center 2 blocks away from ground zero get their funding? WHAT??? They don't have money to build it?? Don't they have casinos and cheap cigarettes? Oh, I see...lets start a national controversy so that the Christian conservatives will get all filled with hate and then the liberal bleeding hearts can come in and save the day with, why didn't I think of that?? Have you read, said or otherwise listened to the Pledge of Allegiance lately? I was recently at a city council meeting where it was recited by most everyone in the room. One word stood out to me as the biggest joke of the century... INDIVISIBLE. That is the end of my rant. I think that if you think about that word and how divided our country is that you too might think it is all just a joke. I saw a writing of the Buddha today that said "when you realize all is perfection you will look into the sky and laugh" I really like that quote. Maybe this is perfection and maybe soon I will start laughing!!

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Sunflower (Terri) said...

Just wanted to edit a part of this post by saying that in the Christian conservative population I was actually talking about the talking heads on the TV/radio and not the person next door so to speak. And same with the bleeding heart liberals. They unfortunately are the mouthpieces for this country and they are the ones also make the "indivisible" divided...just wanted to clarify that after a beautiful friend of mine pointed out that she felt I was speaking too generally and I was. Good friends can tell you these things and b/c they are so special to you you listen and don't get offensive...what a concept eh??