Friday, September 11, 2009

a perfect storm

We got wonderful thunder and lightning yesterday and then this pea size hail and rain storm.
In no time at all the ground was covered with white and it looked like snow.
The temp dropped to 49 degrees and I am sure my florida girl cousin was glad to be safely home. I bet this plant wishes it was with her!
This sunrise took place the day before and was what we could see fixing coffee out the kitchen window...nice.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cousin comes to visit

Definitely a cat person but she grew to think Roly was okay too!
My Florida girl on a hike on RWM...with all of this I don't know why David and I ever leave home!
Bubba bath!
The view from RWM...that is "mobutu" in the background.

Hey you two and you know who you are

Does this view look familar? Oh, you haven't seen it so green before? Come home soon...before it reverts back to brown!
What a nice house with all of that green grass in the yard. And how you might ask is it green? See that sky...rain actually produces color in the otherwise Brown State!

hiking in the Datil area

My cousin Michele with Crosby Mtn in the background. She is actually on our friends' Jerry and Judi's property in Datil. It is about to rain but wanted to show the green.
Rocky point...revisited. We went here in February and it has a bit more color in September. It was a great easy hike.
One side of the walk is rocks and the other is these groves of oak trees.
My cousin, Shell, with the rocks in the back.