Saturday, June 20, 2009

Many Blessings

I still have some touch up to do but... tah-dah.
I haven't started on the south end yet but my hubby hasn't finished his part so I have a good excuse.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

finished north end

I finished the north gable end this week and next will start on the south side. David will need to finish his part first which is the trim and calking.

We put the old truck front under the window that we had out by the driveway. Now I can go back to collecting rocks out here and fill in the blank spaces.
This is the new color on the door as well. We like it lots better. Roly is taking a snooze...all that painting tired him out.


I went with my parents (mom in green jacket) on the train from Belen to Santa Fe on 5 June. The train is great, it is a double story and it goes a different route than the freeway and so you see more than you knew was out there.

The roadrunner is our state bird so the rail runner is our state train??

We ate lunch in an outdoor cafe on Burro Alley

A picture of the Lensic theatre. I love taking pics of old buildings. Speaking of old we spent the bulk of our time at the NM History Museum which is brand new but very nice.

Monday, June 1, 2009

house project

We built this house in 2005-06 and that gable end only ever got one coat of paint. As we were looking at it and finally getting ready to put on second coat we realized the siding had warped. Soooo, we put up new siding on Memorial day and then I started painting. The scaffolding is thanks to our great friends the Kennels. Unfortunately I cannot stand on the second story...I is afraid of heights but the way it is here is great.

The vestibule doorway here was an afterthought but still we had not finished it out so now it is finally painted. The rectangle above the door will eventually resemble a picture frame with some sort of welcoming sign. I was thinking of "Blessed Be all those that enter here" if I can fit all that in.

So, too bad I can't stand on the 2nd story of the scaffold. The right side of the window shows as far as I can reach. For some reason I feel better on the 25ft ladder. I will wait until later in the week when I can have someone here with me in case I fall and need someone to call 911 which takes about an hour to get anyone out here but hey...maybe I won't fall after all. I am gonna be really nervous about getting that peak done. I am hoping my hubby will have pity on me!!