Saturday, May 30, 2009

My 1st J. Wilson

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Another beautiful basket by Floatin Moses...see comment on posting below. This is not mine but a very good friend of mines in TN. I think I like this style very much!!

2nd J. Wilson-from my friend's blog

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This is a great basket that Frances made and posted to her blog. I linked it here (to see if I could) and because I liked it so much. She is originally from NM and you can see that in this piece. The other reason I posted it here is so I could comment about it without having to join Shutterfly. I don't understand the world of cyberspace real well but I don't want to join every site in the world just to say thanks...this is nice...I am glad you are my friend and share your beautiful work with us!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

digging playing with rocks

Here is more of what David and I have been up to lately. The red rock looked like it could have come from Mars as we were driving down one of the neighborhood roads the other day. The pic here doesn't do it justice. The green rock is magnificently covered in lichen and was found on our property.

I decided to add more than just rocks to this eclectic little project and took some shells off my bathroom shelving. My Mom said that would make it easier to dust...hum, I can't remember how to do that little chore!!

Okay, who does this remind you of?? Remember Wilson? I know he wasn't a bowling ball but this is a special bowling ball that we found in the ditch by the church where our son got married in Arkansas so he had to be named and well... anyway. He is holding down a bird waterer and is a new addition to the Project.

The expanding picture. Eventually everything behind Wilson and the shells will be full of rocks. The 3 pronged piece of wood has a yellow cast in it from the fat wood (resin) and is very pretty.

The dirt is no longer coming in the door but should we just stop now?? No I don't think that is possible. I have added a few adornments to the other side and so far the wind hasn't knocked anything over. This is a lot of fun. I used to enjoy going into work and being gone over night every week just to do something different but now tomorrow is work day and I DON'T WANT TO GO!! I want to stay home and find rocks and just be here checking out the birds and reading the afternoon away in my swing. I have such a good life!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just stuff

More rocks...I am getting the bug but I already can tell a difference in our vestibule. Not near as much dirt getting in. I am now a rock hound stopping on the side of the road for good ones!

Speaking of hound...Roly Poly got his annual haircut. Sorry I didn't get the picture while he was still cleaned from his annual bath!!

HE really is black but when you add in all of our dust (enchantment) then he looks a little gray around the gills.

THis is the close-up of the next picture which is a scarf I just finished for a very good friend who lets me stay at her house once a week so I don't have to drive back and forth (to my 140 mile round-trip to work).

I hope she likes it!