Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So what you are looking at is the absence of dirt. Dirt that blew into our vestibule at every occasion. I decided to make a change that might keep out the dirt. I really like the heart rock...do you see it?

It started as a little project and once I showed my hubby what I had accomplished he decided to help me get even more rocks...

We already had the matate but we needed some other cool stuff so off we went with the wheelbarrow down the road and found some really good ones. He didn't try to butt into the deal but let me do all of the arranging since I had already started. Actually he is quite good at this sort of thing but while I was busy he helped in another way.

He already had some really pretty rocks on our property that he had obtained from here and there and he gave them to me to finish off this side of the door. Later we are going to tackle the other side as that is where the west wind blows from and for now it is functionally preventing the dirt but we want both sides to look this good.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trout Creek Trail

We went hiking last weekend in the snow. It seemed a little crazy at first since the eldest of us is 76 but it turned out to be a beautiful day and all went well.

We hiked north of Luna, NM along a small creek named after the trout that were not present at least on this early April day.

We went up to see a small cave with a few petroglyphs and this was the view back down to the trail and the creek.

I would like to come back in the summer and check out this little watering hole. It looked like a good place to soak your feet if the weather was right that it...right now it looks a little cold.
The hiking party at a lunch spot. There is still a bit of snow about but for the most part it warmed up nicely and we could actually see the trail on the way out. We had intended to go to another spot to hike but the locals had put up a chain with lock across the road so this turned out to be a good plan B. A good time was had by all.