Thursday, March 12, 2009

More kids and grandkids and brothers

Before leaving for home we went to see David's brother and his new place. David's nephew is to the right of him. We sat on that log a few hours in cloudy weather but got a little sunburn for our efforts. They had an ice storm and the tree along with many, many limbs got knocked over.
Johnnie and his best girl the morning of our departure...I hated to leave them!

Nichole getting Jamie ready for "school". He is wearing his Dad's jean jacket that I saved from when he was a little guy. He is also able to wear his Dad's winter coat that I saved for him.

Speaking of his Dad! I think poor Josh is as wore out as us old folks after this weekend! Are you ready to go back to work and rest a bit??

Waylon didn't want to smile for Emma and her camera. It looks like there is a little devil behind him getting ready to strike...

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