Saturday, February 21, 2009

come on spring

It snowed, the wind blew like crazy and it was very cold. It is February and it isn't near as fun as snow in December. The wood was out on the porch and the snow blew all over it. I thought it looked like how I feel about late winter...put upon. Now if we got a wonderful med-heavy snowfall without all the wind it would be romantic and heavenly...ah, then who could complain? Oh yeah, it was moisture and we have had a very mild but dry winter thus far so should I complain at all??? NO...but here I am...oh well. I do look forward to spring even though we don't really have much of one here in the mountain west. It seems to go from late winter in May to hot summer in June. But still we can dream of spring and so I do. It is really a nice day out today and soon I will get by butt out there and be thankful for the temps and the blue sky and the wonders of nature. That sounds better doesn't it? Yeah, I thought so.

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