Sunday, December 27, 2009

December snow

Just some pics through the window cuz as you can see it was darn cold out there! The early morning sun made everything look rather inviting but I wasn't fooled...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

great skies and snow on RWM

This was taken after previous snow/blizzard/wind storm and the sky makes every thing all better
Yesterday, at the beginning of my walk it was still coming down. That is David's wood wall.
The the sky opened up all in a hurry and cast wonderful shadows.
The fog rolling off of Crosby with the snow still managing to fall from a blue sky!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What we did Saturday

Does anyone that is not on Facebook still look at my blog? I am going to wait a while and if I don't hear nothin' I am probably gonna just stick to that other thing.
Anyway, these beautiful brussel sprouts we grew in our garden...the last thing to harvest. And so I put up many, many bags full in the freezer after David spent hours harvesting them. I have a great recipe if anyone is interested. Maybe that is a way I will know if you are still looking here!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


David painted this Zia on a shed that belongs to long lost friends of ours...not really, they were just gone for the summer!
They asked him to do it before they left but didn't know he did until they drove up and saw. Surprise!
This is a home in Albq designed by an eclectic architect.
The next door neighbor. Pretty cool huh? My dad and I stumbled across these 2 homes one afternoon while Mom was in hospital so I got out and acted all touristy. They probably get that a lot.

Friday, September 11, 2009

a perfect storm

We got wonderful thunder and lightning yesterday and then this pea size hail and rain storm.
In no time at all the ground was covered with white and it looked like snow.
The temp dropped to 49 degrees and I am sure my florida girl cousin was glad to be safely home. I bet this plant wishes it was with her!
This sunrise took place the day before and was what we could see fixing coffee out the kitchen window...nice.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cousin comes to visit

Definitely a cat person but she grew to think Roly was okay too!
My Florida girl on a hike on RWM...with all of this I don't know why David and I ever leave home!
Bubba bath!
The view from RWM...that is "mobutu" in the background.

Hey you two and you know who you are

Does this view look familar? Oh, you haven't seen it so green before? Come home soon...before it reverts back to brown!
What a nice house with all of that green grass in the yard. And how you might ask is it green? See that sky...rain actually produces color in the otherwise Brown State!

hiking in the Datil area

My cousin Michele with Crosby Mtn in the background. She is actually on our friends' Jerry and Judi's property in Datil. It is about to rain but wanted to show the green.
Rocky point...revisited. We went here in February and it has a bit more color in September. It was a great easy hike.
One side of the walk is rocks and the other is these groves of oak trees.
My cousin, Shell, with the rocks in the back.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blanket for Jamie

Isn't he a handsome young man?? I made the blanket below for him for his birthday coming up next week. I knitted it and he is used to crochet and likes to put his little fingers through the holes as a comfort thing. So I made a section in the middle that was more light-weight so he could do that. I hope it works. Happy Birthday little guy! Emma loves you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Many Blessings

I still have some touch up to do but... tah-dah.
I haven't started on the south end yet but my hubby hasn't finished his part so I have a good excuse.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

finished north end

I finished the north gable end this week and next will start on the south side. David will need to finish his part first which is the trim and calking.

We put the old truck front under the window that we had out by the driveway. Now I can go back to collecting rocks out here and fill in the blank spaces.
This is the new color on the door as well. We like it lots better. Roly is taking a snooze...all that painting tired him out.


I went with my parents (mom in green jacket) on the train from Belen to Santa Fe on 5 June. The train is great, it is a double story and it goes a different route than the freeway and so you see more than you knew was out there.

The roadrunner is our state bird so the rail runner is our state train??

We ate lunch in an outdoor cafe on Burro Alley

A picture of the Lensic theatre. I love taking pics of old buildings. Speaking of old we spent the bulk of our time at the NM History Museum which is brand new but very nice.

Monday, June 1, 2009

house project

We built this house in 2005-06 and that gable end only ever got one coat of paint. As we were looking at it and finally getting ready to put on second coat we realized the siding had warped. Soooo, we put up new siding on Memorial day and then I started painting. The scaffolding is thanks to our great friends the Kennels. Unfortunately I cannot stand on the second story...I is afraid of heights but the way it is here is great.

The vestibule doorway here was an afterthought but still we had not finished it out so now it is finally painted. The rectangle above the door will eventually resemble a picture frame with some sort of welcoming sign. I was thinking of "Blessed Be all those that enter here" if I can fit all that in.

So, too bad I can't stand on the 2nd story of the scaffold. The right side of the window shows as far as I can reach. For some reason I feel better on the 25ft ladder. I will wait until later in the week when I can have someone here with me in case I fall and need someone to call 911 which takes about an hour to get anyone out here but hey...maybe I won't fall after all. I am gonna be really nervous about getting that peak done. I am hoping my hubby will have pity on me!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My 1st J. Wilson

Click here to view these pictures larger

Another beautiful basket by Floatin Moses...see comment on posting below. This is not mine but a very good friend of mines in TN. I think I like this style very much!!

2nd J. Wilson-from my friend's blog

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This is a great basket that Frances made and posted to her blog. I linked it here (to see if I could) and because I liked it so much. She is originally from NM and you can see that in this piece. The other reason I posted it here is so I could comment about it without having to join Shutterfly. I don't understand the world of cyberspace real well but I don't want to join every site in the world just to say thanks...this is nice...I am glad you are my friend and share your beautiful work with us!!