Saturday, December 13, 2008

just stuff

We had 6 deer come up real close to the house one evening just before dark. We have on the ground water feeders for birds and rabbits but had never seen deer water there before. I attempted to take their picture through the living room window but it was too dark. The colors in the sky are pretty though.
Tigger and Psssk are doing pretty well. We have renamed Tabby a few times over the year. She is now Paranoid Schizophrenic Kitty thusly we call her PSSSK for short. You can tell she really likes us. She even follows us into the bedroom at night to sit in the window but we still cannot touch her. Tigger can though, he is her hero!
And then there is Bubba aka Roly Poly Catfish. You would probably just want to be called Bubba if you had that name. Everybody loves Bubba. We sure do. We may be in for some snowy weather the next few days. If so I may post some snow pics.

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