Saturday, December 27, 2008

winter some more

What a glorious sunset. If someone would have painted this, one would think it their imagination...
You have to click on this to enlarge it, then look just above and to the left of the statue's head. It is 5 degrees outside and sunny but there is a cloud overhead dropping ice crystals out of the sky and what a sight with the sun shining on them. Look through the tree at the "fog" like substance...that is hundreds of ice crystals coming down. this isn't my cat. But we share the same sentiments.
It is now over 10 degrees...whoohoo. The ice crystals are slowing down. Maybe I can get warm enough in front of the wood stove to get dressed now. It is supposed to get to a balmy 28 by this afternoon! Stay warm and be well...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cozy inside, snowy outside

Yes...I am warm in front of the stove where the fire roars. It is cold and snowy outside.
A view from the window where it is white out there but still warm and toasty in here! Notice the dutch oven on the stove cooking dinner as we watch and smell the wonderful aroma...oh yeah, you can't smell that from your computer! Leg o' lamb roasting on an open...okay, closed fire for Solstice dinner. Yum!
The tree with the better weather that is. We finally put bird seed out. There has been an abundance of natural food all of autumn. But alas, it is finally winter.
The front porch in snow. I did cook a chicken breast or two on the grill for lunch. You should have seen the subsequent steam from the heat. I love snow. There is no question about it! Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

just stuff

We had 6 deer come up real close to the house one evening just before dark. We have on the ground water feeders for birds and rabbits but had never seen deer water there before. I attempted to take their picture through the living room window but it was too dark. The colors in the sky are pretty though.
Tigger and Psssk are doing pretty well. We have renamed Tabby a few times over the year. She is now Paranoid Schizophrenic Kitty thusly we call her PSSSK for short. You can tell she really likes us. She even follows us into the bedroom at night to sit in the window but we still cannot touch her. Tigger can though, he is her hero!
And then there is Bubba aka Roly Poly Catfish. You would probably just want to be called Bubba if you had that name. Everybody loves Bubba. We sure do. We may be in for some snowy weather the next few days. If so I may post some snow pics.