Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kitties in a box

This box is a very special cat bed. It has paper in the bottom that was originally meant for the recycle bin. Then it has an old wool rug that Tigger had embedded with cat hair so heavily I knew I just had to give it to him rather than spend the rest of my life trying to get the hair out. Tabby has decided it is a pretty comfy bed too. Now they have decided to share. I almost thought the first picture looked like a two-headed cat!! Tigger was napping away but Tabby knew I was around so she had to keep an eye out...I might have wanted to touch her...OMG!!
We have had her now for 12 months almost and she still won't let us pet her but she likes to have us around...that is a good thing. We like her and her peculiarities just the same.

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Katrina's mom said...

This is really impressive!