Monday, August 11, 2008

Friends at the Catwalk

My friends Pat and Heather and I went to Glenwood last monday to walk the Catwalk National Forest Trail. The first pic is me and Pat tightening our shoelaces. The next is me and Pat stopping along the walk for a pose.
Then you should see Heather looking at her camera after taking a pic through the grate of the river below. Then me and Heather posing in front of some rocks and finally one of the waterfall with a swimming hole under it. The catwalk is only 1.1 mile to the end but it is rather humid there this time of year and a rather difficult walk for some of us wimps. I being the youngest, in this case only by one year, still had the hardest time of it. We did treat ourselves on the way home to my favorite restaurant in Reserve so that made up for any hard times. We had a great time and I hope the pics convey that for you!

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jerry said...

Looks really neat, have to go there sometime. Glad you had a good day!!!