Friday, July 18, 2008

Zion trip on way to Oregon

David and I just got back from visiting daughter Amanda and granddaughter Isabelle in Oregon. On the way we stopped to visit friends that are working near Zion park. We had a short but wonderful visit with them and here are a few pictures of our adventures. In the morning we went on a hike to a cave that has some old and not so old petroglyphs. The first photo is of David and Jerry with the pics in the back. The next is on the way to the cave, just some outcropping of rocks that I thought were cool.
The dark silhouette is us looking out of the cave.
The next pic is what we saw when we first drove up an evening shot. One of the rocks looks like a monkey. Can you see it?
And finally, we went up a 25 mile road to see the sunset over Zion but we were just a tad too late. It is so cool and nice up there. The temp was 60 up there and 90 when we got back to the bottom at 9pm!
Thanks to Jerry and Judi for putting us up and showing us such a good time.

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jerry said...

Hey all your pictures look great! Went from over 100 to cold--isn't mother nature wonderful????Judi