Sunday, June 22, 2008

Denver in June

Some people I know get to hike in Zion every week. Others live in the wilds of Oregon but me I get to go to an Infection Control conference in downtown Denver in June. You know, I never once saw the Rocky mountains once I was safely escorted from the airport to my hotel room. I did get to see a little bit of downtown and it was nice and a bit fun even. I saw the Coors stadium but chose not to go to a game on my last night...too tired from all that learning at the conference. I got taken to a very nice french restaurant by one of the vendors (me and about 13 other folks) wow what a bill that must have been. It has taken me 3 days home of naps every day to recuperate but I think I might be done now. Soon we are leaving for a 10 or more day road trip to visit friends at Zion and family in Oregon so we will know how the other people live! David stayed home to work and feed chickens while I was gone.

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