Friday, May 2, 2008

Me neither

I got a birthday card from a good friend that says "What a coincidence... good wine gets better with age AND we age better with wine!!!

I definitely agree...


jerry said...

sounds good...

floatinmoses said...

Here is something totally unrelated to the picture but completely related to New Mexico.
"The wind is just the earth breathing", my friend said. Politely, I agreed. She's not from New Mexico so she doesn't realize the wind in the spring here is more like the earth as an old, asthmatic, long-term smoker coughing her lungs out. Cold, wicked, unpredictable; it blasts from all four directions, but primarily out of the West. Starting in March, sometimes as early as February, it sucks all the winter moisture (if there's been any) out of the earth, sky and people. Soon the sandy soil is blowing down the numerous dirt roads parallel to the surface, scouring smooth rocks; trees; faces. At night the wind becomes a banshee; shrieking and howling around the windows and doors, scratching her threat to your sleep and your sanity.
Ours is not the season of songs and poems uless it's Robert Service or Edgar Allen Poe. Often we have a few days of warm sunny weather that coaxes the fruit trees to bloom. Soon though the gleefully fickle wind returns with icy blasts to shrivel the foolish blossoms on their twigs.
F. Wright ?1996
NM wind. How I miss it.