Sunday, March 30, 2008

This cat is driving me crazy

About every morning between 3-5am this cat, Tigger is his real name, wakes me up scratching loudly at the door wanting to go outside. I got so I was letting him out maybe twice a night and of course letting him back in!!! Well, I decided this had to stop so I got out the squirt bottle... now I chase him down the hall and squirt water at him and he goes away at least for a while. When he comes back scratching all I have to do is say NO, Tigger and he goes away without being chased. I figure another week of this and he just might get the hint!
Isn't he cute sitting on the back of the couch on the folded laundry?? I eventually just left the blanket there for him. He is so spoiled I am aware but sometimes you have to pick your battles and mine is the 3-5am wakings...

1 comment:

jerry said...

Maybe Tigger is going through "the change of life". If animals can have other problems like people why not???