Saturday, March 22, 2008

A chair and a half

I allowed my old comfy recliner to go out into the cabin so I needed a new recliner for the house. My good friends living in a 5th wheel while they are building their house got a new reclining love seat for their motor home due to the uncomfortable thing called furniture that comes with those things. Anyway, I was in love with it and wanted something similar. My living room is small so I got the next best thing... a reclining chair and 1/2 as they call it. It looks leather in the picture but it is not. It is a pretty neat fabric that animals can't destroy too easily (that is NOT a challenge oh cats o' mine). It sits two people that like each other a lot quite comfortably and one person can take a great nap in it as well so it fits the bill just fine.
I hate spending money on things like this especially with just having bought a used car and a new freezer. I think I have spent my quota for 2008 already. It's a good thing I took that extra assignment at work this month. I now work 2 days a week instead of only one.
I wish we could all just have what we want when we want it without it causing any harm to our planet but that isn't the case. Read the Pencil Warrior's comments in this weeks edition of the and see what you think about the idea of luxury and convenience that we take for granted in this country.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I better get out there and enjoy it so...later!

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jerry said...

Like the new chair--I agree with you about hitting the quota for 2008. Bet your new freezer has food in it tho? Miss my nice neighbors and the peace and quite--:-)