Sunday, March 30, 2008

This cat is driving me crazy

About every morning between 3-5am this cat, Tigger is his real name, wakes me up scratching loudly at the door wanting to go outside. I got so I was letting him out maybe twice a night and of course letting him back in!!! Well, I decided this had to stop so I got out the squirt bottle... now I chase him down the hall and squirt water at him and he goes away at least for a while. When he comes back scratching all I have to do is say NO, Tigger and he goes away without being chased. I figure another week of this and he just might get the hint!
Isn't he cute sitting on the back of the couch on the folded laundry?? I eventually just left the blanket there for him. He is so spoiled I am aware but sometimes you have to pick your battles and mine is the 3-5am wakings...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SOOOO glad to have my hot tub back...

It's been 6 months almost to the day that I last emptied my hot tub and went to Arkansas for a week. I was supposed to fill it back up when I got home but I got curious to see how much different my electric bill would be without it running. One month ended up being 6 months but what I learned is that during the coldest months I spend an extra $30 on electricity to run it. I also learned that it is worth every penny. I have a muscle condition that most certainly benefits from the warm water. I only built a shower in this house b/c I had the tub outside so I have missed it muchly! You can see the door in the back round leading into the house. That is actually a bathroom door so that I can easily slip back into the house and dry off or whatever when it is cold. Today is March 29th and although it could be cold, wet or windy this time of year in the Datil Mountains it is sunny, warm and very nice to be outside. You can see I had my morning coffee out there. You can also see in the pic that there is a spout coming off the roof. Behind the fence is an 1100 gallon water tank that collects rain water. THat is what I filled the tub with yesterday. Cool huh? Well, that is where you will find me nearly every morning and many evenings now for just about the rest of my life!! I love it...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A chair and a half

I allowed my old comfy recliner to go out into the cabin so I needed a new recliner for the house. My good friends living in a 5th wheel while they are building their house got a new reclining love seat for their motor home due to the uncomfortable thing called furniture that comes with those things. Anyway, I was in love with it and wanted something similar. My living room is small so I got the next best thing... a reclining chair and 1/2 as they call it. It looks leather in the picture but it is not. It is a pretty neat fabric that animals can't destroy too easily (that is NOT a challenge oh cats o' mine). It sits two people that like each other a lot quite comfortably and one person can take a great nap in it as well so it fits the bill just fine.
I hate spending money on things like this especially with just having bought a used car and a new freezer. I think I have spent my quota for 2008 already. It's a good thing I took that extra assignment at work this month. I now work 2 days a week instead of only one.
I wish we could all just have what we want when we want it without it causing any harm to our planet but that isn't the case. Read the Pencil Warrior's comments in this weeks edition of the and see what you think about the idea of luxury and convenience that we take for granted in this country.
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I better get out there and enjoy it so...later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A creek in Arkansas

This isn't Rainwalker Mesa, it isn't even in NM but my brand new daughter-in-law took this picture in Decatur Arkansas right after a recent snow. She got some really good shots and one of my favorite pics to take myself is looking down a creek, stream or river and shooting.
So, way to go Nichole! I was going to put wedding pictures on here but I just can't bring myself to do it. I am not comfortable putting pictures of my children on the world wide web. I am too fearful of weirdos out there so if you are one of them please do not visit my blog again. There! Now maybe I can feel better about putting pictures of my kids on here. Maybe one day I will even be able to put grandkids on here....but not yet.
We did have a small smackering of snowfall yesterday morning. It looked like powdered sugar on a strawberry or cake or something like that. Today is cool but beautiful. It is supposed to get windy again by the end of the week. Last weekend the wind must have blown 50mph here but it is March in NM so don't complain, just hold on. April will get here and things will get back to the normal 20mph winds. I don't mind, we have a wind generator so it is just electricity to me but lots of folks don't like getting dirt in their teeth when they smile. And the chickens know it is March cuz they are laying better again. We are getting about 6-9 eggs a day and I can't sell them fast enough. One of us are going to have to go on a selling campaign. The price of feed went up (read the price of fuel went up) so we increased our egg price to $2.50 a dozen. This still beats store prices around here so it is a bargain. They are wonderful eggs and I think I will go make myself an omelet for breakfast. To-da-loo!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My new car

This is my new Honda Civic 2002. I really like it and figure it may be the last new to me car I ever buy with the economy situation right now. The next transportation may be a mule!
We went to Arkansas in it and got 41 mpg going there. We had a tail wind and it is all down hill from this elevation but still it was very cool to get that good of gas mileage especially when gas prices went up 2 days before we left. If you click on the picture of the front facing view of the car you can read the license plate (it isn't hard to guess)!!
Maybe next I will get some wedding pics on here. That's all for now...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm trying

I know I am delinquent in blogging so hopefully this will tide you over. We woke up to snow this am but it is gone already. The time changed and I didn't know it until late in the day. I know... try to keep up! My youngest son got married last weekend and I am still recuperating from the trip. When I get a little more energy I will post some wedding pics! Until then, I feel like this poor kitty!!