Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Me and my Pooh

This is a representation of me (the kitty) and my Pooh Bear (the teddy). I sleep with my Pooh every night as a way to keep my shoulder level. I used to have an old pillow to do the trick but lost it once so had to have something to take its place and low and behold I got Pooh!
I was recently sharing a hotel room with 3 other women friends when I got my Pooh out of the car with my luggage. I got a couple of strange looks and then Judi couldn't stand it anymore and said, Terri... what is that??? Well, it's my Pooh I says. He sleeps with me. Well, it's for my shoulder... Uh-huh she says, I bet. SO I told them the whole story and the next morning we get on the elevator to leave and 2 women are in there. One of them looks at me and says, You had that Pooh long? So everyone had a good laugh! But look at the caption on this picture and you will know that I wuvz my Pooh!


jerry said...

what ever floats your boat!!! But don't you feel a little guilty taking it from a small child??? :-) :-)

amy said...

yeah right Terri!! I have my doubts about the shoulder thing too!! It's OK to have a Pooh.