Thursday, February 7, 2008

I passed the dang exam!

It was sorta like being a small animal walking in the middle of bigger ones (with big teeth) but I did it!!! The examination for certifying in Infection Control was not unlike other certification exams I have taken-HARD! It's like they want to trump you up and I was sweating it but in the end made about a 90%. Of course my husband and my dad says"of course you passed" which is nice to have had their confidence but I sure didn't have it while taking the test. I closed my eyes a couple of times and said my thank-you's to the Universe for helping me to pass but wasn't sure at the time that I would...
Thanks Universe! Now I can read a novel, finish the weaving I started over a month ago and well, maybe do the dishes once in a while. I kinda like the fact that David took over that chore while I was studying! I also have a fairly huge project at work... WORK! OH yeah, that's why I took the damn test in the first place!!!
Well, I am in Albq getting ready to go to an IC conference so I guess I better get back to work!

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jerry said...

Way to go girl!!!!