Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amazin isn't it

I am still studying and not paying attention to most of the things happening in our world right now. I sit down and read an email a friend sent and found this amazin' little poem:

the choices have been tweedledum and tweedledee.

genuine candidates are soon winnowed out,

giving we the people zero clout.

the system is rotten beyond fixin’

this Bush guy is worse than Nixon!

The new crop gives me little hope,Hillary’s bought. McCain’s a dope.

The big guys have complete control.

kids starving, corporations on the dole.

How much worse will it have to be,

For people to wake up and break free?

It about sums up how I feel so I thought I would post it. I guess I will go back to studying and pretend all this politics and real recession/depression economy is just a bad dream for now...

I am sure I will have to look up ("wake up and break free") soon. It might be time to fill the pantry and any extra gas cans lying around!

Have a great day and enjoy the Superbowl= a bunch of millionaires kicking each other's butts!
We might go over and watch with some friends today but only for their good company and okay... I kinda like the commercials. It's not like I ever get to see any since we don't watch TV. Once every few years won't kill us will it? Just cuz the corporations are gonna be the ones makin all the money... oh yea, go back to studying will ya!!

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