Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tabby growing up

Tabby has figured out that there are birds outside and that they are fun to watch. We call it Cat TV. That is actually Tigger's spot but we moved some things around so that they both fit. It is behind the wood stove and is actually quite a cozy spot for kitties. After I took this picture Tabby stood up and pounced Tigger. He didn't like it so well but then...that's what Tiggers are for! I heard that somewhere anyway.
It would be nice weather for cats to be outside but it is too windy. Tabby hasn't been out yet... too afraid she will run and a hungry raven might catch her!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Me and my Pooh

This is a representation of me (the kitty) and my Pooh Bear (the teddy). I sleep with my Pooh every night as a way to keep my shoulder level. I used to have an old pillow to do the trick but lost it once so had to have something to take its place and low and behold I got Pooh!
I was recently sharing a hotel room with 3 other women friends when I got my Pooh out of the car with my luggage. I got a couple of strange looks and then Judi couldn't stand it anymore and said, Terri... what is that??? Well, it's my Pooh I says. He sleeps with me. Well, it's for my shoulder... Uh-huh she says, I bet. SO I told them the whole story and the next morning we get on the elevator to leave and 2 women are in there. One of them looks at me and says, You had that Pooh long? So everyone had a good laugh! But look at the caption on this picture and you will know that I wuvz my Pooh!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I passed the dang exam!

It was sorta like being a small animal walking in the middle of bigger ones (with big teeth) but I did it!!! The examination for certifying in Infection Control was not unlike other certification exams I have taken-HARD! It's like they want to trump you up and I was sweating it but in the end made about a 90%. Of course my husband and my dad says"of course you passed" which is nice to have had their confidence but I sure didn't have it while taking the test. I closed my eyes a couple of times and said my thank-you's to the Universe for helping me to pass but wasn't sure at the time that I would...
Thanks Universe! Now I can read a novel, finish the weaving I started over a month ago and well, maybe do the dishes once in a while. I kinda like the fact that David took over that chore while I was studying! I also have a fairly huge project at work... WORK! OH yeah, that's why I took the damn test in the first place!!!
Well, I am in Albq getting ready to go to an IC conference so I guess I better get back to work!

Monday, February 4, 2008


David found this really funny web site after googling "make me smile" one day. It really makes him laugh, hard, to the point of tears! I signed up for their emails and get one page a day of funny, usually cat related, pictures with captions that make it even funnier.

As a follow up to yesterday's poem I thought this was appropriate! I don't know the exact name of the site but it is something about Don't ask me where they got the name. I noticed there is a common theme on the pages called "make me laff" that is why it came up for David's google search. Try that if you want a good laugh!

We had fun watching the Superbowl. Everyone but me voted for the underdog and they won. I voted for New England only cuz I was born there. I am of the generation of somewhat misplaced loyalty!!

I only have one more thing to say: GO Congress!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amazin isn't it

I am still studying and not paying attention to most of the things happening in our world right now. I sit down and read an email a friend sent and found this amazin' little poem:

the choices have been tweedledum and tweedledee.

genuine candidates are soon winnowed out,

giving we the people zero clout.

the system is rotten beyond fixin’

this Bush guy is worse than Nixon!

The new crop gives me little hope,Hillary’s bought. McCain’s a dope.

The big guys have complete control.

kids starving, corporations on the dole.

How much worse will it have to be,

For people to wake up and break free?

It about sums up how I feel so I thought I would post it. I guess I will go back to studying and pretend all this politics and real recession/depression economy is just a bad dream for now...

I am sure I will have to look up ("wake up and break free") soon. It might be time to fill the pantry and any extra gas cans lying around!

Have a great day and enjoy the Superbowl= a bunch of millionaires kicking each other's butts!
We might go over and watch with some friends today but only for their good company and okay... I kinda like the commercials. It's not like I ever get to see any since we don't watch TV. Once every few years won't kill us will it? Just cuz the corporations are gonna be the ones makin all the money... oh yea, go back to studying will ya!!