Friday, January 11, 2008

Wheel of change

This is a wheel we had made when we were trying to start up a cooperative in the Socorro area. It represents the 4 seasons and the objectives we had in mind for the coop which was to be a place for not only artisans but where people would have a location and outlet for a small business endeavor. It didn't work out. A lot of things like that don't but we got a lovely sculpture out of the deal.
Maybe sometime we can start something like that out here. Recycling would certainly be a main objective since there is nothing like that for 150 miles (Albq).


jerry said...

That is really neat looking---do you have that up and I missed seeing it??? What would you have in mind? Have to talk about it over wine???

Sunflower said...

Yeah you missed it cuz it is near the cabin and David just got it up not too long ago.

When should we have our next Happy Hour?

Amy said...

I really enjoyed your blog Terri! It is great to see what you're up to these days. When is this trip to Arkansas you mentioned? Hope to see ya!