Sunday, January 27, 2008

To Kill a Mouse

What you are about to see may gross you out so beware... this is the kitty Tabby getting her first lesson in mouse killing. 1st you play a while to get him dead. Tabby thinks this is so much fun! Do you see the teacher looking on from behind the cabinet?
Now the Teacher, also known as Tigger has just about had enough of this kitty's playfulness...
It is time to get down to some serious business of eating. And you must do it IN the kitchen, Tabby, duh!

Tabby says, but what are you doin' Uncle Tig? You are eating my new toy!!! Yuk, that doesn't look like our regular food! I'll just go sit over there while you eat.

1 comment:

jerry said...

Is this Joey????? Maybe thats the way Tig works---Taddy catches it and plays and wears it out and then he comes in for the kill!!! Who's the stupid one??
Went to that new place in Datil to eat :-) :-)