Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tabby Kitty

Meet Tabby Kitty, the newest addition to our family on RWM. We got her just before the new year and have been spending time letting her get to know us. Possibly born in the wild she was taken to a shelter and became very frightened of humans. She took to our 11 1/2 yr old cat Tigger right away and they are very good friends. She likes to play with cat toys or Tigger's tail, whichever is closer. She doesn't even mind Roly Poly, our big black dog as much as she does the human species but she is coming along and we think will be a lap kitty soon enough. She is a brown and grey but has the cutest red spots behind both ears and on her face. She stays close to Uncle Tig, as we call him when he happens to have little ones about and hopefully the next picture I post will have her on someone's lap. If not, she seems very happy just the way she is now and therefore we won't begrudge her not becoming human lovers just yet. We got several inches of new snow the last couple of days so all is white on the Mesa this morning. Supposed to get up in the 40's the next few days so should have mud again soon! Yea...

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