Monday, January 21, 2008

Miniture rug is finished after 2-3 years on loom

I am not kidding here... I started this project so long ago that I can't exactly remember when it was. Anyway, it is a miniture rug made on a what else? Miniture loom! I took a class in Albq some time ago for my birthday and this is my 2nd porject using this loom. One reason I don't get in a hurry is that it looks so pretty on the loom that I don't see any need to take it off!

David wants to use the loom to make a tapestry and so he got me to finish it with his help. The last 1/2 to 1 inch is the hardest and that is all I had to go. Now it is done and hung up using a piece of fire starter. The surrounding items are interesting too. The mirror was a going away present from my Home Health Care collegues when I quit there in 2005, the ribbon was on it when I got it and I like it so it is STILL THERE! THe tile above the weaving is an Angel of Sunflowers given to me for a christmas present this year and since I have such an affinity for Sunflowers it was a great present. The picture to the left is an antique water color of a donkey and boy that belongs to David. He used to collect everything donkey except for the living ones and some day he may get around to those.
Well, back to studying... when this test is done and then the income taxes and then the trip to Arkansas I am going to fill my hot tub and stay there for a week!


jerry said...

Way to go girl!!!! You'll ACE the test, get a refund and have loads of fun with the kids. The hot tub for a week might make you look all wrinkly.

Sunflower said...

I had a dream that I passed the test! I feel confident even when I am studying and wondering what the hell I thought I was doing when I signed on for this BS!
We probably will get a bit of a refund (that will pay back christmas present debt!) and I know I will love seeing my babies... the desktop pic I have now makes me want to kiss the screen!!
But wrinkles??? Nah, I will soften and look 20 years younger (yeah RIGHT!!).