Friday, January 18, 2008

Menopause the Musical

We went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was funny and the venue was a really neat theatre in downtown Albq called the Kimo THeatre that once caught fire and had victims. I looked for ghosts but I guess they were having a good time too cuz they weren't out haunting.

We also went to Old Town, visited the church and then went and had a drink at one of the oldest resaurants on the Plaza. It was a bit cold to do too much walking around but we did the inside circuit. We ate dinner at Lindy's Diner on Central which was established in 1939 and was quite good. It was an historic little treat for us as well as hugely comical and entertaining at the Musical.

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jerry said...

It was a fun nite and I appreciate you guy showing me Old Town. Also was nice meeting Debbie!