Friday, January 25, 2008


My inner child must be playing all night long!!

Luckily she stays shy during the day and behaves herself. I wish she would play with other things besides matches though. Not exactly refrigerators... I don't like being cold either. Let's see, what about clouds or little fairies or swinging somewhere on a beautiful day.

Did you see the moon last night? I love it when there is dust in the air and the moon turns a pretty yellow. Early last October I saw it come up blood red. I was driving into Okla City and thought it had something to do with the humidity in the air but my Dad said he saw it in NM. Of course I realize the moon is so far away but we have marvalous filters that allow us to view it with colored glasses at times. Is my inner child writing all this? She has always been fascinated by the moon... By the way, her name is Sunflower. If you ever see her about tell her hi!

Have a wonderful day and stay cool and dry! :)


jerry said...

The moon was outstanding last nite but then I think we have the BEST sunrises!!!! I know I never asked for that (third) inner child--must be a girl--ha

Sunflower said...

We do have good sunrises and sunsets. I see more of the sun setting due to a) I don't get up early enough and b) my house is situated better for the westerly viewing!
I know what you mean about that 3rd inner child being a girl with having 2 boys myself. Then there is always that outer boy child sitting across the dinner table from you!!! :o)