Sunday, January 27, 2008

To Kill a Mouse

What you are about to see may gross you out so beware... this is the kitty Tabby getting her first lesson in mouse killing. 1st you play a while to get him dead. Tabby thinks this is so much fun! Do you see the teacher looking on from behind the cabinet?
Now the Teacher, also known as Tigger has just about had enough of this kitty's playfulness...
It is time to get down to some serious business of eating. And you must do it IN the kitchen, Tabby, duh!

Tabby says, but what are you doin' Uncle Tig? You are eating my new toy!!! Yuk, that doesn't look like our regular food! I'll just go sit over there while you eat.

Friday, January 25, 2008


My inner child must be playing all night long!!

Luckily she stays shy during the day and behaves herself. I wish she would play with other things besides matches though. Not exactly refrigerators... I don't like being cold either. Let's see, what about clouds or little fairies or swinging somewhere on a beautiful day.

Did you see the moon last night? I love it when there is dust in the air and the moon turns a pretty yellow. Early last October I saw it come up blood red. I was driving into Okla City and thought it had something to do with the humidity in the air but my Dad said he saw it in NM. Of course I realize the moon is so far away but we have marvalous filters that allow us to view it with colored glasses at times. Is my inner child writing all this? She has always been fascinated by the moon... By the way, her name is Sunflower. If you ever see her about tell her hi!

Have a wonderful day and stay cool and dry! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Am I wishin for summer?

You know how many times I have said I love snow. We have a 50% chance today and then again Sunday. But doesn't that picture of lilac trees in San Jose in June look inviting??
Well, bring on the snow... I am stuck inside studying anyway. I keep mentioning the studying but if I tell the whole world that I am taking a test does that mean I have to pass it or risk looking like a failure? Probably. Then what am I doing looking at pictures of summer on this perfect winter's day? Be in the present moment and remember what a present it is.
I love snow, I love snow, I love snow....
Is it summer yet???

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just animals

The first pic is Tabby getting groomed by Uncle Tig. The 2nd is Tabby has had enough grooming! and the 3rd is the whole pet family upstairs with me while I am paying bills on the computer!

Tigger likes Roly but he won't admit it. Roly loves everyone, no joke, even when Jerry, our neighbor and good friend lies down on the floor with him to snuggle, he is a good guy and puts up with him!! Thanks Jer!
Tabby is new to the whole gang and I think she will like Roly a lot more than Tigger does. Today she was lying real close to him and just purring away.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Miniture rug is finished after 2-3 years on loom

I am not kidding here... I started this project so long ago that I can't exactly remember when it was. Anyway, it is a miniture rug made on a what else? Miniture loom! I took a class in Albq some time ago for my birthday and this is my 2nd porject using this loom. One reason I don't get in a hurry is that it looks so pretty on the loom that I don't see any need to take it off!

David wants to use the loom to make a tapestry and so he got me to finish it with his help. The last 1/2 to 1 inch is the hardest and that is all I had to go. Now it is done and hung up using a piece of fire starter. The surrounding items are interesting too. The mirror was a going away present from my Home Health Care collegues when I quit there in 2005, the ribbon was on it when I got it and I like it so it is STILL THERE! THe tile above the weaving is an Angel of Sunflowers given to me for a christmas present this year and since I have such an affinity for Sunflowers it was a great present. The picture to the left is an antique water color of a donkey and boy that belongs to David. He used to collect everything donkey except for the living ones and some day he may get around to those.
Well, back to studying... when this test is done and then the income taxes and then the trip to Arkansas I am going to fill my hot tub and stay there for a week!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Menopause the Musical

We went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was funny and the venue was a really neat theatre in downtown Albq called the Kimo THeatre that once caught fire and had victims. I looked for ghosts but I guess they were having a good time too cuz they weren't out haunting.

We also went to Old Town, visited the church and then went and had a drink at one of the oldest resaurants on the Plaza. It was a bit cold to do too much walking around but we did the inside circuit. We ate dinner at Lindy's Diner on Central which was established in 1939 and was quite good. It was an historic little treat for us as well as hugely comical and entertaining at the Musical.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The faceless monk

At least it's not mud on his face (a big disgrace) but only snow! This pic is still from the last snow we got. Today it is supposed to be 40 but tomorrow it is only predicted to be 29 for a high and -1 for a low with a slight chance of snow...
Today, Terri, Judi, Betty and Debbie are going to Albq (the big city) to go to the Kimo Theatre to see "Menopause the Musical" I will have an update and review in a few days. We are spending the night and doing a little sight-seeing in Old Town. Ought to be pretty groovy for this peri-menopausal woman! We will be back in time for the -1 degree night though so our husbands won't freeze to death!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tabby yes and no

Tabby where she likes to be..... AND.......................Tabby where she doesn't like to be!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Raven's Rugs

David has tried his hand at rag rug weaving. He made his own frame loom and I helped him tear the rags that I have been saving to make my own rag rug. I still have bunches more but I can't believe he got the jump on me and got them made so quickly!! The first one (the mostly blue and green) is a bit loose and we are afraid to wash it yet, will be for his side of the bed. The multi-color one is for the hall way and is shaped like a ladie's dress! Not exactly the plan but we like the outcome.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wheel of change

This is a wheel we had made when we were trying to start up a cooperative in the Socorro area. It represents the 4 seasons and the objectives we had in mind for the coop which was to be a place for not only artisans but where people would have a location and outlet for a small business endeavor. It didn't work out. A lot of things like that don't but we got a lovely sculpture out of the deal.
Maybe sometime we can start something like that out here. Recycling would certainly be a main objective since there is nothing like that for 150 miles (Albq).

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rainwalker Mesa

Click on the picture to see it better. This is the entrance to our homestead.

Why do we have a carport?

The snow blew from the west and covered the vehicles despite the "safety" of the carport!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tabby Kitty

Meet Tabby Kitty, the newest addition to our family on RWM. We got her just before the new year and have been spending time letting her get to know us. Possibly born in the wild she was taken to a shelter and became very frightened of humans. She took to our 11 1/2 yr old cat Tigger right away and they are very good friends. She likes to play with cat toys or Tigger's tail, whichever is closer. She doesn't even mind Roly Poly, our big black dog as much as she does the human species but she is coming along and we think will be a lap kitty soon enough. She is a brown and grey but has the cutest red spots behind both ears and on her face. She stays close to Uncle Tig, as we call him when he happens to have little ones about and hopefully the next picture I post will have her on someone's lap. If not, she seems very happy just the way she is now and therefore we won't begrudge her not becoming human lovers just yet. We got several inches of new snow the last couple of days so all is white on the Mesa this morning. Supposed to get up in the 40's the next few days so should have mud again soon! Yea...