Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pictures of Vision Quest

The Picture of me in yellow was taken about 3 weeks before the quest but that is where I lived for 48 hours.

The rest are of me taking off from base camp to climb up to the place in SW NM.

I have only ever back-packed one other time so I was glad I didn't have too far to go but it was mostly vertical!

The Alligator Juniper tree and I had a wonderful time together. I learned much from her. Roly is in the first picture with me but he didn't get to go on the quest in case he scared off any animals that wanted to visit. As it was I was mostly visited by birds and insects. I thought I would see elk and deer but it wasn't to happen.

It was a beautiful place and I had a wonderful time. Again, I would recommend this adventure to anyone needing some quiet time to think and reflect on life.

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amanda said...

Your so beautiful Emma!! I put more pictures on my Flickr site! I love ya!